Price list

Free evaluation – please feel free to send the document via contact form. We will send you back an evaluation as soon as possible – it is free of charge.

If it is about written translations it is necessary to settle some kind of measure to make pricing as clear and legible as possible. This is the reason why we have set prices for every 100 (one hundred) words of a source text.

Counting words is much easier than counting letters with spaces or without them. It also allows every client to assume how much he will have to pay for a particular translation even before sending the document to get our free evaluation. Moreover, it means that the number of dots, commas, exclamation marks does not matter because they are not counted at all. Length of the translation (produced text) remains irrelevant, because charge is set for every 100 words of source (original) text.

Translation from English to Polish – rate varies from 3 to 4 Euro (includes VAT) per 100 words of source text.

Translation from Polish to English – rate varies from 4 to 5 Euro (includes VAT) per 100 words of source text.

The less specialized is the text, the lower is the price. For such documents as agreements, articles of association, terms and conditions, manuals and guides, technical information etc. rate of 7 euro is applicable.