We provide written translations (Polish-English, English-Polish) of various kinds of texts, namely business writings and correspondence, scientific publications, manuals, guides etc.

But the matter that we are really into is legal translation.

We do translate any documents of a legal nature, in particular:

agreements, writings, articles of association, letters of intent, terms and conditions.

Even most experienced translator is exposed to the risk of making crucial mistakes if

he/she lacks extensive knowledge on legal matters. That’s because despite being very subtle, some differences between two similar terms may bring legal consequences opposite to those we desired.

In our enterprise linguistic skills meet legal ones and it proves to be an essential quality. It makes our crew able to translate law related documents precisely and in such a way that leaves no uncertainty about effectiveness and legal relevance of particular provisions.

We also offer preparing a “two-column” bilingual version of documents or writings. We recommend this technique to be used for agreements concluded between two or more parties when at least one of them speaks Polish. Within such a “two-column” document every single sheet is separated into two columns and every sentence in the column A is placed exactly at the same height as its translated version in the column B, so it brilliantly facilitates finding demanded equivalents with no need to know the second language very well. As we noticed this form on translation is highly desired in a worldwide trade.