How to order

It takes only 4 simple steps to acquire the advice/opinion or document you want. How to do it ?

Step 1

Fill and send us the contact form – it is absolutely free.

Use our contact form to describe the matter and ask us a question. Valuation is for free and contacting us via contact form or e-mail does not put any obligations upon you. Please take your time while describing the matter in question to gather as many details as possible. Our worker will contact you to resolve some uncertainties, however the wider context will be described the faster and more accurate will be our answer.

If you wish to send us any document, please use an option “attach file” in the bottom part of the contact form.

Step 2

Our worker will contact you by phone or via e-mail.

It is usually needed to ask few questions concerning the problem described but it is our duty to do so. Sometimes a client needs just a short writing to be drawn up than paying for an extensive legal opinion, even if he/she is not aware of that fact.

Step 3

You will receive an e-mail including the valuation. It will be outpointed how many words have been counted and what rate is applicable.

If executing the order takes more work than we thought it will – the valuation remains biding so the price will never exceed the one that you agreed for – it is our risk.

Step 4

The legal advice/opinion/draught of an agreement is being sent to you with an attached invoice.

As soon as the document is ready we will send it to your e-mail box together with an invoice. We can also provide a paper version of the document if you wish us to do so. The invoice will include our account number for payments. Usually an invoice should be paid within 14 (Polish clients) or 30 (foreigners) days from the date of issuing.

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